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[Windows/Linux] Hurtworld


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Someone was kind enough to gift me the game so that I could make a config for him.

This one is pretty simple - I've added Oxide to the list of mods, but you guys will have to keep updating the mod (simply just download the new update and place it in TCA.Mods and TCA.Updates when there's an update available).


Linux config has been provided, but I'm not sure whether or not it will work. People say that Linux version of the server won't work atm.


Linux config also requires Windows config as template.



Hurtworld - Windows.xml

Hurtworld - Linux.xml

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Hi thx for share but i have a probleme


Unity Player [version: Unity 5.1.3f1_b0a23b31c3d8]


Hurtworld.exe caused an Access Violation (0xc0000005)

in module Hurtworld.exe at 0033:482b3967.


Error occurred at 2015-12-22_210020.

D:\TCAFiles\Users\....\96\Hurtworld.exe, run by TCAGame.

57% memory in use.

32676 MB physical memory [13918 MB free].

36772 MB paging file [17377 MB free].

8388608 MB user address space [8388420 MB free].

Read from location 00000638 caused an access violation.

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Does anyone notice that the cpu demand for Hurtworld (with or without this config file) draws some 13% of CPU, but when you launch the dedicated server manually outside of TCAdmin, it pulls less than .5%?


I have just installed this game on my Linux/Ubuntu dedi using this cfg (Thanks Dennis) and it seems to be working. TCAdmin shows it as running and so does gametracker but i do not own the game so i cant join it to check it unfortunately.


CPU usage through TCAdmin is showing as 1.31% for me if that helps.



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