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Modernbill Announcement


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Ok, so last time this was brought up we teased you and left you with an empty feeling. :sad:




But I am happy to report that Modernbill integration appears to be on the way.




I will not give any details or a timeframe on completion, but we had a nice conversation with another coder last night who is up to the task and has allready started the layout process.




Please DO NOT ask when it will be done! I will not give any dates, but I will tell you it appears it will be fairly quickly.




I have taken a look at Modernbill's site, and we may apply to become a reseller if it fits the scheme of things.




I would further like to say that this will NOT be an invitation for wannabe GSPs looking for a fully automated system to run their so called afterschool companies. We are currently discussing methods of curbing this problem somehow on


our side.




More details to come...

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Allright folks. We have been accepted as a Modernbill reseller. For all you people that have been thinking about a billing software package, hold off on buying or leasing. We will be offering discount Modernbill licensing shortly.




The integration is looking good. We will be rolling it out to our beta group first to tweak and work out the bugs.




I think LFA is going to take a look at adding some form of load balancing into it as well, so as to guard against overloading your boxes.




I spoke with a couple people over at modernbill today and kicked some ideas around. They seem very eager to help us in anyway they can to bring this into reality, and to further integration efforts.




I will have more news on this subject soon. And again a big thanks to Bob for helping out with this feature :grin:

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Does this mean I'll have to redo all my packages that are in our MB now?


We use MB for everything but have always done the setup manually. The only thing I would personaly like the integration for is to input all client information into the TCAdmin panel to save us the time and the auto suspend features.

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Got a few questions :smile:




How would we go for example: Setup a teamspeak server with a game server? A bit of modification with the code or is there already possible?




Ok theres intergration for:




TCADMIN joining into ModernBill but is there intergration for Modernbill into TCADMIN?




Sounds and looks very good.. keep it up..!





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Just a couple of screen shots to tide everyone over...










Just an idea :smile: Would it be easier to make it a little more intergrated and have for example the "package id" a drop down from tcadmin its self? Heck its only an SQL statement. Might save alot of support tickets and time on the admins end :smile:

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From what I understand of the Modernbill workings, it will only allow the creation of one package so to speak. I could be wrong. I guess we can wait for Bob to give you a solid answer on that.




As far as integration, you have allways had the ability to integrate any billing system you would like with the SDK provided with TCAdmin.

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Have to ask LFA or Bob regarding that. All code within TCAdmin has been encoded from day one, for our protection of course. Bob's methods are using the SDK functions and calls to perform the actions he needs.


Whether or not he will leave his code open, you will have to ask him.




But again, the functions and calls are all in the SDK, and you can do what you wish with them.

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And here is a short description on how the system will work:




The way it works is that when they purchase through modernbill, the MB plugin creates the tcadmin user account and sends an email to the user with the link to the autosetup page so they can configure their game server. There will be a page where the admin will be able to see all the pending orders and the ones that had an error so he can process them manually.


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To answer ChrisOliver's questions;




1) I will have to get together with LFA to discuss teamspeak integration. Vent should already be able to be auto-created.




2) LFA is going to have to comment on this. As ECF said, I am doing all of this with the SDK functions available to everyone, and integration into TCAdmin would go into the core of TCAdmin, which I do not have access to.




3) Can't have it take the game list directly from TCAdmin. There are a few inherent problems.




1. TCAdmin does not have specific packages that can be created. Rather, it has one package for each type of server that can be customized any way (slots, with or without ventrilo/teamspeak etc). ModernBill has a package created for each individual type of server (definate number of slots, definate with or without a voice server). See what I'm saying?




2. It creates a possible security risk, as the TCAdmin database will most likely be on a seperate server than the ModernBill database. Remote access to the mySQL server would have to be granted.




4) ModernBill communicates via a customized API. The API builds the necessary information into an XMLRPC request, which is then forwarded to the xmlrpcmb.ashx page (see one of my screenshots to see where to define that). xmlrpcmb.ashx takes the information, parses it into individual variables, which are then sent to the database. An email is sent to the purchasing client, they click a link to create their server. They fill in the details (ECF posted a screenshot of the server details page), and the server is created.






Source code will be encoded with Zend/ionCube on the ModernBill side, and will be compiled into a DLL file on the TCAdmin side.




Any other questions?

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