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ARK Survival Evolved Config


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Alpha 215.3 ARK Config file


Hi Guy's,


I have been working on this config for a few days now and decided to put it up for everyone as the configs I found on here did not really work.


Note: I will keep updating this post and below are all the features I have managed to implement.


1 - [Added] custom commandline for Hostname & Map change

2 - [Added] 71 Custom variables for all the server settings available up to 27/09/15 & ARK Remote support

3 - [Added] Support for Game Tracker (server will automatically submit to GT)

4 - [Added] Simple script to backup the player and world data (scheduled task available for this)

5 - [Added] ARK Remote Server Manager Mod and setup all variables for this including the configuration editor and blocked customers from changing slots/port via ARK Remote.

6 - [Added] Game Directory fix for ARK Remote double slashes = "GameDirectory": "D:\\Clients\\Users\\$[service.UserName]\\$[service.ServiceId]".

7 - [Added] Script to start ARK Remote after mod install.

8 - [Added] Script to stop ARK Remote (this does not need to be used really just thought I would include it).

9 - [Added] some custom icons for Knowledgebase and submit a support ticket (icons are hosted on my server and links I have removed so you will need to update these).

10 - [Changed] Some default icons I have changed and I purchased these so you are welcome to use them just shoot me a pm and I will send them over.

11 - [Added] Custom variables to show the connection details to ARK remote (control panel port / password / IP) from the configuration editor (user can update the controlpanel pass if he/she desires)


The way I done ARK Remote is that the server will run fine in the panel vanilla but when the owner wants to use ARK Remote then the you would shut down the server >> install ARK Remote >> Start ARK Remote Icon >> Use ARK server launcher and connect to the Remote with the details provide in the configuration editor and from there you can use ARK remote to start/stop and change any settings without going to the game panel.








I have added the config for you. :cool


If you can improve this config them please do so and share it back one here.



ark - Windows.xml

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  • 3 weeks later...
Curious. How is ArkRemote different than tcadmin? So the customer doesn't need to logon to tcadmin to manage the server? Seams like a waste to have another admin portal, no?


In some games, much like the WebPanel of UE(Red Orchestra 2, Killing Floor 2 etc) It is much less polluted with extras. A portal for one game specifically will always win it for that specific game, compared to TCAdmin. Made to cater to many.

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I've used a linux config and everything works perfectly (setting up). But when I go to run the server with these commands, I get this response.


[root@ns3014523 17]# cd /home/tcagame/admin/16/ShooterGame/Binaries/Linux/

[root@ns3014523 Linux]# ./ShooterGameServer TheIsland?SessionName="ARK: SE Server"?QueryPort=27015?listen -log

-bash: ./ShooterGameServer: cannot execute binary file

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  • 2 weeks later...
When I try to import this file I get the following error:



Column 'mod_id' does not belong to table tc_game_links.




i got the same error, but the game still did appear in my games list but i have no idea what could cause this.

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i got the same error, but the game still did appear in my games list but i have no idea what could cause this.


I just opened the config and removed the help/support links from the mod, that worked. Then just add them again after import.

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