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FiveM TCAdmin Config File Needed


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I attached the FiveM configs for Windows and Linux. These require TCAdmin version 2.0.114.


On Windows you will need to install the C++ 2015 runtime for 64 bit: https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/download/details.aspx?id=48145

and git:


FiveM - Windows.xml

FiveM - Linux.xml

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Updated configs
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Hey, I'm having a problem with the server creation because of the certificates


Error: Could not find file "/home/tcadmin/tcafiles/games/fivem-linux/alpine/etc/ssl/certs/2c11d503.0"


I can cat it, so I guess it's a permission problem? The original file it's owned by root at /usr/share/ca-certificates/mozilla


Any guess?

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Is their anything else required to run FiveM? I've followed the instructions in the xml:



Download fx.tar.xz to /home/tcadmin/tcafiles/games/fivem-linux.

Do not extract it.


Server seems to start ok but Web Console shows:




Got a SIGABRT while executing native code. This usually indicates


a fatal error in the mono runtime or one of the native libraries


used by your application.




Server is Centos 7 and running latest version of TCA.


Any help is greatly appreciated.

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I have installed the server, but I can only have 1 server running at a time. The net-tcp cannot create the server. I told TCADMIN to add +10 the port each time. I have opened port 30130 on the router and firewall however it cannot bind on any other port than 30120. I've tried 30140,30150 and so on. Still no luck.

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That's strange I have 27 servers running all on different ports. All on same box. Different ips thought. Did you change anything. I am using stock Linux config and windows one. But. I couldn't get windows to work so stuck with the Linux version for my customers as it uses less resources anyway

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hey guys this might help


FiveM server

you need to edit the server.cfg and generate a key, configure everything at you like.

You can easily create more FiveM servers if you go to FXServer AIO EZ Installer on your desktop, if you have it, select Manual Installation option, then deploy a new FiveM server, you need to change the ports on server.cfg, each server needs to have a unique port.


hope this helps

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Hello i have this error :


Task: FiveM 24 slots owned by Admin 	[ New Window ]  [ Info ]
Error - The file /home/tcagame/admin/6/run.sh does not exist


Please help me !!


Looks like you didn't install the game as the run.sh is missing. Have you copied all the needed files to the correct location ?

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I couldn't get servers properly working as everything I did. I kept getting blocked hosting by the devs. And had to prove to them that it was a dedicated server. It's like they block unofficial hosters from hosting fivem. Happened to 50 servers I've hosted. Have since stopped. Hosting them. Unless anyone knows a way around or a fix for it. Thx. PS. Was bth Linux. And windows. Had to use multiple emails to the devs with screenshots to prove. By manually running the server. And then send. A day later it gets unblocked. Like wtf devs.

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