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Terraria Config


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Here it is. It's the same as on here with 1-2 small changes. Don't be fooled by the Linux in the filename because TCAdmin runs the .exe automaticly with mono so it's the same config as on windows.


I use it together with TDSM and it works like a charm.


That fixed the issue Thanks/.

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Do you have it for windows?


Linux and windows config for terraria are the same


@xerobeagle I only changed few directories and the name of the .exe so no idea why the other one did not work for you

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I created a Windows config file, included is banlist.txt if you need to edit that list, and also a serverconfig.cfg file with template already made up so the user can have a password enabled server, set the message of the day, worldname, and if they wish to have the server secured or not.


It uses start parms of terrariaserver.exe -config ![configfile] ![worldsize]


that way everything is read from that 1 file.


server slots, ip, port etc is automatically inputted into the template file to allow the server to start, but does not give the user access to change those settings.


I will update this once and if i decide to add mod options.



terraria - Windows.xml

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