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Bad Company Authorized Hosters Already Selected


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There are a few of newcomers on that list! Not sure how they got chosen but you will see new Faces to the RSP list!


I don't see anyone different other then nfoservers and they have been around for as long as anyone.


some old companies:









at least thats what I gathered from the server browser.

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Hosters.at ,how come you are new? As I can remember you guys had BF2 ranked servers also right?


Anyway it is realy funny what they are doing with license I have seen some of Autorised partners list clicked on the link to take a look at website ,some of them looks like they have only forum its almoste like that ,this is what pissing me off investment was 10$ with template and they got license, one of hosters is still on the list not going to name it but I am 100% sure they were giving full acess to ranked files for (BF2) because I had server there and I got acess to all files I was able to download them...so I dont think all of them should be on that list,however probably there is no much to do about it. :confused::p

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