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Opera comes pre installed on my phone so Ive never had any issues ;)


If the PC/Mac version of safari is anything to go by then the iphones web browser would be total shite. It really is an appalling browser.


Having had a play with one in a shop I hated the iphone. Nothing remotely interesting on it and the on screen keyboard is useless, or are my thumbs too big? I can type on a blackberry just fine mind!


Ill be sticking to my W950i with 3g, does my emails and handles every website I put into it and of course the symbian OS is great. Theres even a remote desktop app :D

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Yeah, my 8525 had a rdc app as it was windows mobile. But I hated... HATED having to scroll down and up and sideways to look around on my server desktop plus if I was browsing the internet as well I would have to scroll with the rdc app and firefox. Which was a pain in the a$$ not to mention it was so slow it took me 10 minutes to pay a bill.

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